Issue Background

Physician Quality Reporting

AAOE supports using clinical quality measures that are relevant to the distinct specialties of the medical field. Smoking cessation and weight counseling are best conducted in a primary care setting. Our practices must be judged on quality data that best describes the scope of practice of the orthopaedist.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed a series of quality initiatives that provide information on the quality of care across the the medical spectrum. Programs like the Physician Qualtiy Reporting System (PQRS) were created to support alternatives to the fee-for-service funding structure. Until 2015, many of these programs were incentive-based in order to make the costs of complying with the programs easier to bear however, in 2015 the PQRS will begin adjusting Medicare payments in the event that a physician does not satisfactorily report.

Many of these programs treat all physicians the same, requiring them to meet measures that best represent primary care physicians.

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